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One app, Dual Power

Empowering Small Business Owners to Thrive and Grow with a Unified Personal and Business App that Simplifies Financial Management.

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Main reasons to segregate Business and Personal Accounts

Managing your business finances separately help you to pay less taxes, protect your personal assets and improve your business performance

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Tax optimization

  • Businesses have better tax terms
  • Fewer reporting mistakes
  • Efficient accounting
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  • Protect personal assets in case of business debit
  • More financial security
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Business Performance

  • Track revenue, expenses, and profits
  • Better decision-making and strategic planning
  • Identify areas for cost-cutting or investment
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Manage your finances within a click

Effortlessly switch between your personal and business accounts with just one login.


Explore premium banking2, elevate wealth management, and enjoy exclusive member benefits seamlessly within your Personal Account.

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Get yield on your idle money, cashback4 on your debit card purchases, Quickbooks and Xero native integrations with premium customer support .

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Onyx Personal Account

Make your money work for you and earn more with Onyx

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Checking Accounts

Multiple Checking Accounts
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Annual Percentage Yield (APY)2

High Yield Cash Sweep Account

$500,000 SIPC insured account, custody by BNY Mellon
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Annualized 7-day yield

U.S. Treasuries - T-Bills

100% backed by the US government
Local and State taxes exempt
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Annual Yield
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Banking Services provided by
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Member FDIC
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Mobile Personal AccountComponent Personal Account
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Ellipse Personal Account
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Virtual Cards & Cashback

Create multiple virtual cards to manage your personal and business finances

Business Virtual Card
  • You can organize your business expenses with multiple virtual cards. Plus, earn 1.5% cashback on every card purchase

Personal Virtual Card
  • Earn on spending and create burner single use cards, have up to 6 active virtual cards, and set specific limits for security and convenience.
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Onyx is here to help all types of small businesses

We support small business owners and entrepreneurs in their financial journey. Exclusively for US-owned LLCs and Sole Proprietorship  – Apply Today!

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See what our clients have to say:

Testimonial Image
I saved over $200 my first month using Onyx! it’s a great app to explore deals - whether it’s for everyday purchases or for luxury travel. the concierge is super helpful - I can ask them to help plan activities, make reservations and propose travel options”
Justin Hoffmann
Tech Founder
Testimonial Image
Onyx has significantly improved my banking experience and has become an essential part of my financial routine. My partner and I both rely on it regularly and would find it difficult to manage without it. I love the high limit debit card with at least 1% cashback on all purchases and it is incredibly easy to transfer money. This and the bill pay feature are life savers for those with very little time."
Emanuel Moecklin
Software Engineer
Testimonial Image
Onyx is far above what I experienced with my other bank. I´m able to cancel and create cards instantly. Onyx has great customer response time if you have any questions, and the user experience of sending and saving money on the platform is easy and very esthetically pleasing. When I needed to find a Christmas gift for my husband, I submitted a request and within 24 hours I had a detailed report with 6 great options."
Elise Vivian
Testimonial Image
I am very happy with Onyx Private! I invested in Treasury Bills and it was super easy and safe. I also invested in a portfolio with the Robo-Advisory, which was super quick and helped me choose my risk level. I get to see what kinds of stocks/bonds are invested. I also love how I get a high-yield in my checking account so I earn free money from the interest. The app is super modern and nothing like any of my other banks.”
Nicholas Eschelbach
Testimonial Image
Onyx has given me access to many financial tools that allow me to maximize my investments even when not invested and in my checking account. The ease of use for accessing and moving funds helps with my lifestyle as I like to be flexible when I make investments. The Onyx concierge app has been a godsend in making recommendations for restaurants and hard to make reservations. My friends are impressed when I am able to schedule dinners and vacations at ease. Onyx has made my life more efficient 5 stars.
Robertino San Diego
Director of business development
Testimonial Image
As a user of their services, I am consistently impressed with the ease and convenience of their app. It is a beautifully designed user interface.One of my standout features has been the ability to invest in T-Bills directly from the app. Overall, I cannot recommend Onyx Private enough to anyone looking for a safe, easy, and reliable way to invest their money."
Terri Todaro
Testimonial Image
I have been extremely satisfied with my experience with Onyx Private.As someone who values earning rewards and saving money, the opportunity to earn cashback on every credit card payment has been incredible.Another feature that I really appreciate is the Concierge. Their team is always available to assist with any request I have, whether it's making restaurant reservations or booking travel. It's an exceptional experience, and much better than other concierges that I used to have.
George Yeh
Growth Marketing Leader
Testimonial Image
My experience using Onyx has been awesome across the board. Deep investment capabilities and cash management features keep my finances in check, and I don’t know what I’d do without the in-app concierge. Highly recommend!
Joe L.
Venture Capital Partner
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