September 2023 - Onyx Private Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the Onyx Private newsletter.

Oct 2, 2023


We have added a manual deposit feature akin to Apple Cash, Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp to give you even more convenience and flexibility in managing your finances. This new feature ensures that your funds are available when needed. Plus, our BOOSTED CASHBACK offer is back, and it's BIGGER and BETTER! Enjoy a minimum of 2% cashback for Premium Members (Valid till Oct 31st) or 1% cashback for Basic Members on all purchases!


Now, you can easily track and visualize the total interest gained from your investments, including Treasuries and the High Yield Account. This enhancement makes it effortless to assess the real-time performance of your investments, providing a clear picture of your financial progress.


Imagine receiving tickets to visit Kansas City directly from Travis Kelce, the star NFL player! Taylor Swift got lucky, but obviously, we wouldn't get such a privilege. So why don't you seize this opportunity and ask the concierge to purchase your tickets? Whether you want to attend NFL games or Taylor's concert, simply request the concierge to secure the tickets, and you won't have to go through the hassle of buying them online.

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We're soon introducing a convenient Mobile Check Deposit feature, making it easier than ever to deposit checks securely from the comfort of your mobile device. You'll have access to a range of Financial Advisory services that will provide valuable insights and guidance for your financial goals. These new offerings are part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the best possible services and tools to manage your finances effectively.

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